Monday, October 28, 2013

Decorating for Christmas a Week before Halloween

This weekend, November 1 -3 is the Holiday Market at the Sweet Clover Barn. It coincides with the Holiday Market at Chartreuse & Co. (another awesome barn a few miles down the road), and I know a bunch of places are having holiday open houses this weekend too. It seems early, but for a place that will only be open a handful of times before Christmas, we want to give you as much time as possible to prepare for the holiday season!

The Christmas season starting early is no foreign concept for me. Even though I enjoyed Halloween candy as a kid, I was never super into a holiday that centered around scary stuff--to this day I'm not a fan of scary movies and you definitely won't catch me at a haunted house. I was known to play a Christmas song or two on a rainy day in September when I was "in the mood" and always kind of saw Halloween as a hurdle to clear so I could get into the warmth and coziness of the Thanksgiving - Christmas - New Years season. When I started working at the Christmas Attic when I was 14, I learned very quickly that in the (Christmas) retail world, you hit the ground running November 1st.

The boy was out of town this weekend when most of the Halloween celebrations were happenin' around town, so I took it as an opportunity to forego celebrations altogether, save some money by staying in, and focus on getting stuff together for my space at Sweet Clover.

Over the past few months I've hit tons of estate sales, which means I have a whole host of cool "smalls" in my space right now. I hit the jackpot on architectural prints, which are always a great addition to an eclectic gallery wall or leaning against a bookcase. As for my Christmas decorating, I picked up cool Christmas decor when I saw it, but I mostly focused on buying up lots of vintage ornaments and vintage C7 and C9 bulbs. I love decorating with bulbs and ornaments because you can scatter them all over your house in little bowls, on cake plates, and in cloches and feel Christmassy without the decor being too in your face.

I think my favorite part of the space is the tree I made out of ornaments on a palette that I picked up on the side of the road. The palette isn't for sale since I think it'll be useful in displaying art and such in other seasons, but all the ornaments are available for $1 each. You can check out more pictures of the space on my facebook page.

You can tell it was dark by the time I finished up and shot photos. I stayed wayyyy longer than I planned but I'm pretty happy with the way the space turned out. Hope to see you there this weekend! We'll be open 10am - 5pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Check out the Sweet Clover website for more information and directions.
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