Thursday, August 4, 2016

Natural Neutral Bedroom

I grew up in suburban Northern Virginia and have gradually made my way closer to urban life as I've grown up. As a kid, my family took the same vacations every year, one to the beach and a couple to visit my grandparents on their 5 acre property in a rural area of upstate New York. The grown-up preppy bedroom design board, which I showed you a few weeks ago, is representative of the side of my personal style that is closer to my somewhat urban lifestyle. There is part of me, though, that thinks about what it would be like to live out on land, in an old farmhouse or cozy country cottage with room for the dogs to run, to host family kickball games, and to have a big vegetable garden like my grandfather's. I like to think that this bedroom design board represents the more "country" side of that lifestyle dichotomy. It is light and welcoming, natural and fresh. It feels both together and easy-going. I picture natural light pouring in open windows, bouncing off the mirror over the bed while the unlined linen curtains sway in the breeze. 


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