Friday, November 15, 2013

Barn Sale This Weekend

Hi friends! If you haven't seen already on my facebook page, the Sweet Clover Vintage Market is open today - Sunday, 10am - 5pm!

I really love all the pieces in my space right now, even though I know that they don't necessarily all quite fit together. That's OK...they're all representative of my personal style, which I'll tell you a bit more about next week.

I styled this really cool navy blue campaign chest as a sexy mid-century bar, complete with vintage whiskey bottles, champagne glasses with gold trim, brass swans and a shiny trophy-style champagne bucket. 

This Duck Egg blue dresser is actually quite old. You can tell because it has pin and crescent drawer joinery, a style that was used as an alternative to hand-cut dovetails before dovetailed joinery was mechanized. It likely dates to the late 1800s, and I bought it from someone who pulled it out of the original owner's estate in New Hampshire. I'm pretty sure the hardware isn't original, but I kind of like the way that it breaks the lines down the front of the drawers. 

I LOVE coming across dressers like this because they always look amazing painted. I try to be very careful not to put the paint on too thick in the details so that they stand out. I painted this one ASCP Paris Grey, which looks especially cool since this piece comes with a mirror and it amplifies the silver mirrored effect beautifully.

Cassie pulled a bunch of prints from my space to decorate the Cottage behind the barn, which is decorated in a "Bohemian Christmas" theme for this month's sale. It showcases an assortment of architectural prints, a couple paint-by-numbers landscapes, and a needlepoint peacock. I try to have an assortment of artwork at each sale since gallery walls are one of my favorite ways to make a space feel collected and lived-in.  

My little herringbone table has gone completely retro. I have refrigerator boxes, vintage Nestle promotional gift boxes, and a junior marksman handbook. I'm not really much into guns and none of my immediate family hunts, but I have an appreciation for this little book that teaches children how to use their guns safely, namely by not pointing and shooting your gun at other people. Let's just say that if Ralphie had this little book, his mom might not have been so worried that he'd shoot his eye out.

Vintage Shiny Brite in original boxes...**swoon**. This is the Christmas Attic employee in me coming out in full color. I get so excited when I find vintage Christmas goods at estate sales. A quick education in Shiny Brite: Prior to World War II, a significant portion of glass in the US was imported from Europe, especially hand-blown ornaments. During the War, a lot of those glass imports came to a halt so American manufacturers were quick to fill the void. Shiny Brite was one of those brands that emerged at that point in time. It continued to be the most popular blown glass ornament manufacturer in the US through the rest of the 1940s and 1950s. Christopher Radko bought the rights to the Shiny Brite name in more recent years, so you can still buy fun reproductions at places like The Christmas Attic, but you can't beat the old stuff. Vintage American-made ornament goodness! 

This little book stand has come in handy for displaying my architectural prints and other knick-knacks. I have no clue where it came from, but I imagine it in a Sunday school classroom for some reason.

I gave my rattan lamps a bit of an upgrade with a fresh coat of gloss black paint and new shades. I have a pair of them if you're interested!

I bought this chair a while ago with the intention of keeping it for myself, but I just don't have a place for it. When you lift the seat off you can see that it originally had a hand-caned, which leads me to believe that it's pretty old. It also makes me miss my dear Grandpa quite a bit (explanation here). I thought about reupholstering it, but I think I like the needlepoint seat for now. It would add a hand-made, aged look to an eclectic living room.

This pretty gold mirror would also make a great tray for greenery and mercury glass in the center of your Thanksgiving table!

Vintage Christmas bulbs, 3 large or 4 small for $2. I love all the colors. I also have a few strands of vintage lights that work and are so fun and colorful. Just be careful, those bulbs get hot!

Can you believe I found this cool, painted pallet on the side of the road near my house? It was perfect for an ornament Christmas tree.

 The bottom table is a vintage Lane table with two felt-lined drawers. I am such a sucker for brass hardware. And you can see my grey and gold love in both my paper pinwheels which can be used as ornaments or gift tags, and my French Linen table with gold accents.

I'll be at the barn on Sunday. Definitely come say hi if you're there!!
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