Design Services

Interior Design Consultation


Do you need someone to come over and provide ideas on how to improve your space? I'll come over with my paint deck, my measuring tape, and some ideas to help you improve your space, either by working with what you have or by making suggestions for additional purchases. 


Starting at $150/hour - email for more details. 

Not sure where to hang your collection of artwork or photos? Never happy with how that bookshelf looks? I can come over and style your artwork and accessories. I can use what you have, give you some examples of items to stock up on before I come over, or do some shopping before I get there. Email me for more information. 

Purchasing Assistance

Starting at $150 - email for more details. 

Need help finding a new sofa? Want someone's help purchasing window draperies? I am happy to provide a designer's eye before you spend big bucks on new elements for your home. 

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