Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Little Blog Prog[ress]

After hearing my mom say countless times, "I hope you're taking pictures of all this stuff," and kicking the idea around with friends, I've finally started my blog to document the projects I'm undertaking in the realm of home improvement, craigslist furniture hunting, and other forms of creative self-sufficiency.

I should've started this earlier in the summer when I first signed my lease and started my mad hunt for cheap, looks-like-I-finally-have-a-grownup-job furniture. But, I got busy/distracted (seems to happen a lot) and my curmudgeon of a computer was making me less than enthusiastic about uploading a bunch of pictures at one time. Then, yesterday, the weather got to be pretty cold and rainy, and I determined that since the weather made me want to come home after work and sit in bed (rather than, say, take another trip to Home Depot), this week would be a perfect week to start this blog.

It's late now and I have a meeting tomorrow at 9:30 am, so further progress will have to wait until tomorrow evening. For now, here's a picture of my first-ever craigslist purchase in progress from the summer of 2005. More about my penchant for projecting to come.

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