Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Handy Girl Shout Out: She Built a Boat!

Today I'd like to give a shout out to another handy 20 something and a pretty bad ass chick who is, well, frankly, a bit more bold than I am in her handy endeavours. A few months ago my friend Roxie decided she was going to build a row boat...and much like anything else she tries in her life...she did it. In two months, just in time to enjoy it for the summer. And yes, it floats. HOW did she build a boat, you ask?? Lucky for you she wrote an entire blog about her boat-building experience so that you can see why she decided to build it, how she got started, her materials, child labor, the big reveal, etc.

Roxie was nice enough to invite me to her boat revealing party Saturday evening, which basically consisted of a few of us renting some additional river vessels from Jack's Boathouse, paddling around the river for 15 minutes with our drinks in hand/cup holder, and then linking up boats and enjoying a relaxing float down the Potomac.

Basically...it was awesome. And now that I have a Groupon to Jack's Boathouse to go kayaking or canoeing on the weekdays, I'm hoping we can all take off a day and enjoy ourselves out on the water again. Cheers to friends, fun on the water, and another handy lady!

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