Monday, December 12, 2011

Back in Action

Welcome to my new and improved blog, Savvy Young Something! I’m thrilled that you found it—it’s always a little nerve-racking to make such a big change. But I’m excited about it.

Sorry if you're really confused right now because you were redirected from the old blog. Hope you'll forgive me. Your eyes definitely will.

To answer a few questions:

Why the new name?
To be quite honest, I was never in love with “Young, Hip & Handy”. I used it because I couldn’t come up with anything else and I just wanted to start posting pictures of my projects. As my blog evolved, I knew that the name didn’t do it justice. I also always knew that there is something…well…not very young and hip about calling yourself “young and hip”.  Through some googling I realized that I was in the company of quite a few “Young, Hip and…” blogs, which further fueled my desire to change the name.

I went through a few options and finally settled on Savvy Young Something. Thanks to all my friends who let me bounce my ideas off of them!

Side note: SavvyYoungSomething is too long for twitter, so I’m using SavvyYoungSarah. I’m only telling you this because I came up with it today and it makes me smile. Oh yes, and because you should follow me.

So what does this new name mean?
A Savvy Young Something is someone who doesn’t always know what she (or he) is doing, but is willing to embark on the process of learning and gaining new skills.

As I wrote my blog over the past year, I realized that I wanted to do a lot more than post about how to refinish furniture.  Between posts about crafting and handiness, I found myself writing about establishing traditions when you’re not living with your parents, thoughts on young love and the royal wedding, my experiencebuying a car, and general appreciation of this quasi-grown up state I’m living in.

This realization coincided with thinking a lot about what I want to do with my life. For the first time in my career, I’ve had the same job for over a year. While I really enjoy the people I work with, I’m not totally in love with the work. I’ve talked with a lot of people my age about this and found that most of them feel the same way I do. We’re all trying to be something, but very few of us have figured out what that something is.

At the same time that I've felt unsure about my professional career, I’ve also found myself better able to gain my footing in places that I wasn’t able to even two years ago. I can go out partying one night, stay at home the next with a book and a glass of wine, and not remotely feeling like I’m going to miss out on something. More now than ever, I can put on an outfit and know immediately whether it’s “me” or not. While I don’t feel completely like an adult, I know that I’m completely capable of growing into one. There are a lot of other things I’m getting quite good at.

I may not always know what I’m doing, but I am getting better at knowing where to look and how to approach challenges of the grown up world. And I feel mega empowered every time I accomplish something new.

My goal in writing this blog is to share my adventures in growing up and let other people learn from my experiences. I’ll still focus on home design and DIY projects—after all, a Savvy Young Something should totally have a sweet place on the cheap—and I plan to keep posting things that I learn (like the buying a car posts) that most young somethings encounter at some point. I’ll also try to expand the information on here to include more “growing up” knowledge, perhaps from other people who are willing to share their experiences with me if I can pull it off.  

Did you design the blog yourself?
Yes! And I’m so pumped about it. I recently bought a new computer and forked over the extra $70 to get Photoshop Elements, which is what I used to design the header. It’s totally still a work in progress, and I have spent a ton of time reading different websites and trying to figure out how to fix certain things, but for now I’m quite happy with the design. And yes, I know I’ll have to tweak it in about a month. Oh well, more fun with Photoshop! 

What happened to all the posts from the old blog?
All of my posts from Young, Hip & Handy are included in this blog. I imported all of them, so they are tagged with all the old labels and everything. I also created a few new pages where I plan to store projects that I’ve completed and topics related to grown up stuff.

OK, I need to stop focusing so much on this redesign and start posting all the stuff I’ve been working on for the past few months! I’ll start with Christmas stuff and reserve a few of the projects I completed over the past couple months for after the holidays.

Thanks so much for making this transition with me!


  1. congrats on the relaunch, sarah! thrilled to have you following the glossarie :)

  2. great relaunch. I totally love the name :)

  3. So amazing that you designed this blog by yourself - great job! Love your new name too. You certainly sound like you've got your act together at such a young age (surely much more than I did)!

    So glad you linked to our party - new follower.

  4. You did a great job on the blog design! Especially the social media buttons, those are the hardest ones. Congrats on the new look/blog! :D

  5. Thank you so much for joining the party and for sharing your heart! I love your header and your blog design! I can't believe you did it yourself. Awesome! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day.

  6. SavvyYoungSarah,

    I'm truly amazed that you designed the blog layout and header on your own. Impressive!

    And I completely understand ... and am tracking along with ... the idea that the blog is more than just my projects and tutorials. So I've started sharing a bit more of my life and my thoughts on things in my life as well...

    Finally, thank you so much for sharing your blog goals and changes with us at our link party ...



  7. Oh Sara, any blog that defines "A Savvy Young Something is someone who doesn’t always know what she (or he) is doing, but is willing to embark on the process of learning and gaining new skills" this way has me a as a new Follower, because - hey!, I'm a savvy YOUNG something too, because I rarely know what I'm doing / having the answer before I tear something apart and figure it out. That's my process. {Been a while since I could refer to myself as young, that was fun}. Great PE skills! I'm sure I'll learn a lot as I follow along and see what you figure out. Found you through the blog hop, I'm participating too.


  8. i think the new name suits you well and i love that it is almost a diary of your own growth!

  9. Very inspiration that you did the upgrade yourself...I'm toying with the idea as well.
    Thanks so much for linking up, sorry it's taken me so long to come by and check out your goals.
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog


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