Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Using Lacquered Furniture in a Space

I mentioned last week that I'm really starting to enjoy pieces with more texture, rather than just the lacquered look. As I went through my images, I also realized that my favorite rooms that have shiny, bright lacquered furniture, temper that focus with lots of texture throughout the space.

For example, this room has gorgeous, shiny bright yellow chairs. But you'll notice that the black trunk has a bit of a patina, there's a wood arm chair in the corner, and the wood frame on the wall, bamboo shade, and sisal rug all provide texture that tempers the intensity of the yellow. And the fact that the brass and those natural elements are desaturated versions of a yellow-orange help move your eye from the chairs through the space.

Via Elle Decor
This room below from Lonny has a gorgeous, dusty blue shiny finish, and shiny lucite chairs. But it also has those rich floors, full of variation and depth, and that painting on the easel, which also has a subtle, layered look to it.
Via Lonny
Even Jonathan Adler, who is well known for his bright, shiny pieces, uses many different textures to give spaces a curated sense of age in his colorful spaces. 

Via Jonathan Adler
A few more examples:

Via Jenny Komenda
Via House Beautiful
Via House Beautiful
Via Lonny Magazine
Obviously this isn't the ONLY way to use lacquered furniture in a space, but it's my personal preference. I also think that if you are someone who tends to end up with a lot of vintage pieces, found accessories, etc., it allows you to add contemporary elements to the space without having them look out of place.

What do you guys think? Have you used lacquered pieces in your home? Have you ever thought about how to use them?


  1. I love all of these rooms too :)


  2. I was just showing Autumn the Henry Link Bali dresser I bought on etsy this morning for the dining room and I was telling her I was going to lacquer it (maybe a poppy color?) and she told me to go look at your blog post. :) Love this post Sarah and glad to know we have a lot of other textures in the room!

    1. Oh my gosh, I have wanted a Bali dresser for so long but can't find an affordable one! I love them lacquered. That will great in your dining room. You'll have to send me a picture when you get everything put together!


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