Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fresh Air, Clear Mind

Committing to be part of the Sweet Clover Barn Sale means I often take two-to-three trips up to Frederick, Maryland every month from my house in Falls Church, Virginia. It's about and hour away without any traffic. The thought of that is a little daunting, but as I get closer and closer to the barn, I always get happier and happier.

There's this stretch of I-270 as you approach Frederick where you crest a hill and the mountains (mountains? hills?) are right there in front of you. Every time I see those mountains I take a deep breath and smile.

As I near the barn, the views get better. The very last stretch of the trip involves winding through an industrial park but don't let that mislead you. Behind those buildings is a gorgeous view of Springdale Farm, the property the Sweet Clover barn sits on. And check out those mountains off in the distance.

I grew up in the full-fledged suburbs and the only camping I ever did was when I was a Girl Scout. Aside from wandering around the creeks near my house with the kids in my neighborhood, I wasn't so much of an outdoorsy girl. Although my upbringing was definitely more city than country, my dad was raised in a fairly rural area, and I always loved going up to New York to visit my grandparents and play in the creek by their house among other things.

There's something I love about being out in the country, especially out near the Appalachians where you can see the green rolling hills and the blue mountains in the distance. I felt the same way when I was in college in Charlottesville (check out some of the views there in this post). I love the fresh air, the animals, and the space to explore. I'm in constant awe of how beautiful these areas are.

Part of what makes selling at the Sweet Clover Barn Sale so much fun, and what makes visiting the many other barn sales and antique stores around the area so much fun, is the sense of adventure that comes from treasure hunting out in the country. Plus, there's a ton to do if you want to make a day of it, and I plan to write another post about it all soon (if you have any suggestions, definitely let me know!). It's not always easy to make the trip up to Frederick from the DC area, but I highly recommend that you think of it as an adventure, not just a regular shopping trip. Imagine how gorgeous this view will be in the fall!


  1. Agreed! I live about 40 minutes away and sometimes I just don't want to drive all that way. But when I get to the farm it is totally worth it!

  2. i feel the same way every time i see the mountains after i have been away- it's like, aaah, there's home! something about the mountains calms the heart.

  3. bahaha "camping" in girl scouts. I remember those days. too funny!

  4. Beautiful photos! I can just smell the clean country air.


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