Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gift Guide 2013: Gifts for Him

With Christmas a week away, we're really down to the wire for Christmas shopping. Struggling to find a present for that special boyfriend, husband, brother, or dad? Here's a quick list I've compiled. As far as I can tell, they're all still available, and ship from places that can overnight stuff before Christmas.

1. Cardboard Safari Buck Cardboard Animal Trophy - I especially like the Micro Buck. At $13, he would look great on a gallery wall accompanied by another micro animal trophy friend like Micro Fred the Moose or Micro Tex the Longhorn. Just make sure the gift receiver doesn't mind a puzzle because these guys can be a little challenging to put together. Although if you're like me and you love puzzles, you can absolutely put it together for him. I got one for the boy a while ago, and he had his friends convinced for a bit that I made it myself out of a pizza box.

2. Patagonia Men's Bivy Down Vest - I absolutely love my down vest, and the boy wears the one I bought him last year all the time. This one is a little retro in the best of ways. It's a bit pricey at $179, so if you're looking to get the man in your life some winterwear on a discount, check out websites like or Nordstrom Rack for quality brands at a discount. 

3. Stag Bookend Set - This set of stag bookends from Target are both manly and stylish, and at $14.99, they're reasonably priced enough to give to just about anyone on your list. Not so into the bookends? Check out the rest of Target Threshold Decorative Stag collection and see if there's something he might like.

4. Abingdon Weekender - The boy has been eyeing this canvas and leather duffle for a while as an upgrade to his usual weekend travel solution which is the backpack he carried in college. It's a classic travel piece that will last for a while, and it easily suits anyone from your college-aged son to your dad.  It's a bit out of my range at $198, but J.Crew is currently running a 30% sale with free shipping, so it's definitely the right time to snag it if you can afford it!

5. Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names Poster - I bought Pop Chart Lab's Many Varieties of Beer poster a couple years ago when my dad was into brewing, but I really love the merge of dork and cool that this one exhibits. Quite honestly, any one of Pop Chart Lab's posters would make an excellent gift. They've got one for guitar lovers, baseball fans, throwback TV show fans, and many, many others. Their tag line is "Data + Design = Delight" and I basically want to be their best friends. This specific print is $28. Order by December 19 if you want it framed, and December 20 if you are just ordering a print. If you're in NYC, these guys are at the Union Square Holiday market booth C18 through Christmas Eve.

6. Embroidered Belt - If you've stepped foot into a gift shop at the beach, you have very likely seen these belts. Leather Man Ltd., the same company that manufactures Eliza B., offers these leather and canvas embroidered belts for an affordable $35., and the entire site is 20% off until December 19. You can custom design an option from the many different embroidered motifs they offer, and you also get to pick the canvas color.

7. Crockpot - Three of the four guys that live in the boy's house have their own crockpot, and the boy loves "crocking", especially in the winter. It's definitely one of the easiest ways for a guy to make sure he has meals for a week, and it might even prompt them to cook for you!

8. Minimalist Ballparks Art Prints - This minimalist art print by S. Preston that gives a nod to the Washington Nationals is also on the boy's list this year. S. Preston's series of prints that feature baseball stadiums around the country were featured on Deadspin and in Sports Illustrated (where the boy first saw them), and are pretty reasonably priced. $25 will buy you an 8.5" x 11", but if you feel like splurging, you can buy a 24" x 30" for $175. If you want one, order it today to get it by Christmas!

9. Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls - David Sedaris always delivers hilarious books, and his latest collection of essays is sure to be great. It seems that our family always lays around naps/rests after opening Christmas gifts, so it's nice to have a book to read or thumb through during that time.

10. USB Phone Charger - When I first saw these on-the-go phone chargers, I thought they were a little silly. And then I found myself tailgating at a concert or working the Lucketts Spring Market and wishing I had one to give my phone some extra juice. This would be especially practical for someone who loves hiking and camping (even without cell service, some of those apps come in handy), or your frequent tailgater. They're not exactly something he probably wants to carry around in his pocket, so don't be surprised if it ends up in your purse (am I the only person that happens to?).

11. Mason Jar Shaker - Good ol' boys and hipster dudes alike will appreciate the vintage twist on this classic bar tool offered up by West Elm for $29.

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  1. wish I had seen this before Christmas, awesome list!!


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