Monday, January 13, 2014

Art Collection: Favorite Fashion & Figurative Prints

My hands-down favorite part of my bedroom is the gallery wall over my dresser. I pieced it together over the years with everything from notecards to antique artwork to framed fabric swatches, but my favorite pieces are the fashion/figurative artwork. My sister liked one of the prints by Leigh Viner so much that she asked for a set of three of her prints to put over her bed for Christmas.

I'm kind of picky when it comes to figurative artwork. I don't really like to see open eyes illustrated. I think there's something about the eyes closed or the back turned that makes the featured woman a bit of a mystery and lets you fill in the blanks about who she is and what she's thinking and feeling. I also find it makes it a little easier to see yourself in the artwork, which is nice when you are bringing feminine artwork into one of the most person and feminine places in your home (well, at least if you are still living sans boy like I am). 

Here are some of my favorite prints by my go-to artists for fashion illustrations. Most of these artists sell their items via Etsy. If you don't see a size you like, it's always worth it to message the artist directly - most of the time they will print anything in a custom size for you. Enjoy!

Row 1: 

Row 2: 

Row 3: 

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  1. Have to stop by here to say thank you again Sarah! In such great company and it means the world to me to see how it is displayed!



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