Monday, July 18, 2016

Grown-Up Preppy Bedroom

As an interior designer, there are so many ways to engage in the trade (one of the reasons I love this field so much!). When I was in grad school I worked for a great local designer, and we primarily helped homeowners furnish their spaces. Now my day job primarily involves more interior architecture, including kitchen and bath design, working out interior trim details, helping clients choose finishes, and supporting the construction process of residential renovations. Plain and simply, we don't do furniture. I love my job, but sometimes I miss the furnishing side of the business and wish I could work on a whole house project from architecture through furnishings (kind of like this notable local designer). To satisfy that craving and keep my portfolio fresh, I've started creating a series of design boards and I plan to post them here as I finish them. I'm also hoping to start a little e-design side gig and I'll keep you posted on that once I make more progress in that department. 

This design board shows a grown-up version of a preppy, feminine bedroom. It's primarily a neutral space, with strong navy and white contrast drawing attention to the bed. The green and pink pillows and colorful artwork add a playfulness to the space, while the gold, white, and grey furniture help the space feel more modern and refined. 


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