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My love of interior design started when I was a kid, constantly re-imagining my bedroom and watching my parents make small modifications to our home on a budget.

I studied urban planning as an undergrad at the University of Virginia's School of Architecture, a design-based program heavy on public policy. After three years working in housing and community development, I decided to pursue my childhood passion by working towards my MA in Interior Design. My passion was always to build communities that help the people within them thrive. Interior design still allows me to fulfill that passion, but on a different scale and through a different skill set.

Since I started this adventure I left my consultant job to work as a part time design assistant at a high-end residential firm, started and ended a vintage furniture sales business, transferred to a different master's program, got engaged, bought a house, earned my master's degree, got married, and officially started my career in interior design. I now live in Alexandria, Virginia with my husband and our two happy hounds, Fred and Sophie.

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  1. I love the first sentence of your post : ) I feel like were the minority here in the blog world ha ha.


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