Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bringing in My Mid-Twenties Like a Kid

This post is, oh, maybe about two weeks late, but I just found my photos from it so I decided to post about it anyway.

I turned 24 a few weeks ago and spent most of the day acting like the small children surrounding me. First, I went to the National Zoo where I saw the 7 LION CUBS! People may knock the National Zoo, and maybe it’s not San Diego, but it’s free, and they had 10 LIONS there: 7 cubs, 2 mama lionesses, and one big badass lion. I literally power walked through the zoo just to get to the "Great Cats" exhibit. Then I stood there for probably 30 minutes, insisted on watching the lion cubs’ every playful move, and was totally enamored just watching them sit up on the top level and sunbathe with their mothers. I may have even stood on the little ledge that’s meant for children until I realized that I was actually blocking the view of the small children standing near me. Including the kid who was taking pictures with his Nintendo DS, which prompted me to remember that I was actually 24 and that the equivalent of that toy when I was his age had one little screen, was not in color, and had absolutely no photo taking capabilities. But I digress.

Quiz: Who is the most mature person in this picture?
Basically, the lions were AWESOME. I had to restrain myself from belting out every song from the Lion King. I love them. And, OK, yes, maybe it wasn’t the coolest way to spend the day, but I did inspire one of my friends to visit them on her birthday, and my office mate wants to see them before she moves out of DC. So apparently I was just paving the way for other nerdy animal lovers. 

I also saw some other animals at the zoo including the gorillas, elephants, and tigers, but apparently the panda was the only picture worthy one.

To continue my animal-adoring birthday, we left the zoo in time to get back to the PetSmart near my house and play with the dogs at the Lost Dog Rescue adoption event there. The puppies were so adorable and I gave serious consideration to bringing a dog home with me, which is still a serious consideration but one that I’ve tabled for the moment.

After PetSmart, I went out to dinner with my family to Anita’s, a local chain of restaurants that serve good cheap "New Mexico Style" Mexican food. I’m trying to find another good Tex-Mex/Mexican place near my house, so pleeeeaaasse let me know if you have any recommendations for Falls Church/Arlington.

Then I went out in Arlington with my friends, including 2 of my 3 roomies (roomie 4 was out of town unfortunately).

Maybe I spent the better part of my day celebrating like I was turning 6, but I don’t care because it was awesome. And I kicked off the 3 month birthday marathon in our house, so I have plenty more celebrating to look forward. May turning 25 be just as fun as 24!

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