Thursday, September 8, 2011

Get Your Groupon to Merrifield Garden Center

One of Today's Groupon deals is to Merrifield Garden Center ($25 to spend $50). Not only is Merrifield a beautiful place to pick up fall-friendly mums and pumpkins, they have a gorgeous Christmas shop. In fact, my sibs and I used to go see Santa at Merrifield and I'm slightly ashamed to admit that just as we were on the cusp of disbelief this guy had us leaning towards the side of believing. In our defense, he's really convincing.


Merrifield Christmas
Merrifield Christmas Shop via

Yes, I am buying a Groupon to Merrifield today, September 8, so that I can use it on Christmas stuff (in a few months obviously). I like to plan ahead. For only the second time in my 24 years long life, my fam won't be traveling to upstate New York for Thanksgiving (tear). This means I also won't be able to hang a Henderberg's wreath on my front door like I did last year. But, as I mentioned in this blog post of yore, I love real pine wreaths and I fully intend to hang one on our door again this year. Given that a nice wreath will probably run me at least $25 and probably more, I'm going to stow this Groupon away for a wreath and hopefully a few more beautiful Christmassy things (get excited roommates!).

As for pumpkins and mums, I'll be using my groupon to Craven's Nursury for those!

Autumn Curb Appeal

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