Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pretty Pillow Plans

In mid-January Kristen Krason posted this gorgeous mood board on her blog, 6th Street Design School (one of the blogs I check almost daily).

Oh, those colors! I love them. You've seen my affinity for raspberry pink in the past week, and I love how this mood board incorporates that with chartreuse and aqua -- two more colors that. I. love. And those pillows! The second I saw pillow #1 I knew it was what our living room needed to look a little more cohesive.

Source: fabric.com via Sarah on Pinterest

Now, remember that this month is No Shop January. In early January I laid out some ground rules, and in those ground rules I allotted money for a blender and a yoga Groupon -- two things I did not purchase. I also saw that the beautiful pillow fabric on fabric.com was on clearance and there wasn't much left. So, after three weeks of admiring it, I finally bought the fabric. Note: As of posting this, fabric.com is showing 8 yards left. 

I bought three yards totaling $41, but I had a coupon to bring it down to $35 (just enough to still get the free shipping!). That should be enough to make at least two pillows and maybe cover a lampshade or a chair.

Last night my roommate and I sat on our couch admiring how much our living room was coming together. The TV wasn't even on. We were watching the room. And we should've been going to sleep. We're having a Superbowl party just because we like the new TV stand I made, and so we can cook a bunch of the stuff we saw on pinterest. Can't wait to get this fabric so I can sew up some pretty pillow and make it look even nicer!

Update: The piece of furniture that my roomie and I were admiring is now posted here. And I just found out that my fabric is coming tomorrow. Yay!

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