Monday, January 30, 2012

Project Updates

Hey friends! Wow -- I owe a big THANK YOU to Miss Mustard Seed because her Furniture Feature Friday sent a ton of traffic to the desk I posted last week. If you found this blog from her lovely site, I'm very glad to have you!

This weekend I wrapped up work on a project that has been a long time coming, and made it just in time for the Superbowl party my roommates want to host this weekend. I'm just waiting on some hardware to finish 'er off. Which should come today. Yay!

Not surprisingly, the hardware is from Anthropologie. I got it on sale, so I was able to keep the very pretty knobs to $3/piece (plus shipping). This purchase will involve a return (and trip to the Anthropologie store, double yay!) because I couldn't decide which hardware I wanted. I'm incredibly indecisive, so I use this strategy probably too often. Oh well, whenever I watch HGTV Sarah and Genevieve and Candace always bring in multiple options and choose their favorites.

I'm leaning towards one right now, but I'm going to wait to make my final decision until I test them out tonight. It's so hard to see what something will look like until you actually test it out. Here's a glimpse of my purchase:

Note that I bought 9 of one type of knob, which I did because the review noted that they weren't totally well constructed. I need 7. Consider the extra two backups.

I'll be back tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday, or whenever I get around to photo-editing/writing the post.

P.S. Man oh man, I have a crazy hankering for Bodo's Bagels right now. Is that weird? It's a favorite food spot right across from the UVA campus ("grounds", otherwise known as). Fellow former Charlottesville residents--does this ever strike you? Or maybe you are craving Take It Away? $2 pitchers (duh)? Do you ever get a crazy hankering for your favorite college food? Is this a sign that I need to go back to grad school? Or take a day trip to Charlottesville? Does anyone want to go with me? Is this too many questions?

OK, back to work.

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