Friday, February 3, 2012

And that's why I never get anything done

Happy Friday everyone! Did you like my blog post yesterday? It only took me, ooohhh, six hours. Why? Because trains of thoughts like this happened (cue dreamy flashback music):

Pinterest screen shot modified by yours truly
"Now what is that name of this little eye hook thingy? I better google it to be sure.” I open an internet browser, which is already open to Pinterest. 

“Oooh Pinterest, what’s new tonight? Oh wow, Centsational Girl pinned something about using a dryer sheet to clean an iron. I really need to clean my iron because my attempt to use the cool setting on a wool sweater just melted wool fibers to my iron and made it all gunky, but I’ve been too lazy to actually clean it so I just rub it on a far away place on my ironing board to get anything loose off and then roll the dice and put it on my clothes. I really need to get that sweater dry cleaned before winter is really over and I have no chance of wearing it again and then I’ll have only worn it twice this year.”

“Oh wow, a pink chalkboard painted door! See, pink can be girly and playful and grownup and sophisticated all at the same time! I'm totally glad I painted that dresser for our TV pink. What is this blog? I’ve never heard of this blog. Why haven’t I heard of this blog? Why is it at a .org website? I should read the “about me” section and maybe it will make sense. Hmmm, it doesn’t say anything about .org. Oh well. There are no ads on it, but it still seems popular. Interesting. Hey, there’s a recipe for donuts on here that doesn’t require frying. Yum. I bet I could make those. Hey they have apple cider vinegar in them. Does that mean they’re like apple cider donuts? I loved those ones at Carter Mountain Orchard. I should go back there again.”

“Why is so much wedding stuff coming up on my Pinterest? If the boy saw this page he would be thoroughly freaked out. Oh dear, it looks like I inadvertently followed a website that is totally about weddings but I thought it was about all kinds of things because it doesn’t have a wedding specific name. Oh well, they have cute cocktails. Not that I ever actually make cocktails because they tend to be pricey and involve more work than I like my drinking to involve. This is making me thirsty.”

“Ooooh Photoshop actions. Those look cool. Why do I still not really know what those are? Maybe this link will show me. Nope, it doesn’t really. I think it’s like a Macro. But how does it work on everything? I should download some of these actions. No, I really shouldn’t tonight, I’ll just repin the pin.”

“Omgosh, it's after midnight already. How am I up this late again? I really need to get back to my blogging. I have to finish this post tonight. I better close this browser and write more.”

Close internet browser, open word document and read sentence I was originally attempting to complete.

“Oh yeah, I was going to look up the name for that hardware.”

Open up browser and cross my fingers that my attention span is a little bit longer this time. But it’s not, because instead, I just realized how ridiculous it is that this happens to me all the time, and I decided to write this blog post about it.

Grow up, Sarah. 


  1. Sarah, this is SO me. Have you heard of Anti-Social or Freedoom? I've been using it and it's definitely helped me (although not today!). :) See this article:

  2. This made me laugh so much. This is pretty much my exact train of thought when I hang out on Pinterest and the reason why I never get anything done! Don't you just feel all creative after you've been on Pinterest for a while though? I know I do!

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