Monday, May 21, 2012

Craigslist Scam Alert

I posted a couple of the items that didn't sell at Lucketts on Craigslist yesterday, and got this fun little response:
Thanks for the swift response to my mail inquiry .i completelysatisfied  and comfortable with your advert,hence still available, Iwill send a Bank check to cover the cost of my purchase  as well aspickup logistics.sincerely  i am keen on having  this to be mine .sokindly avail to me the details of whom & where to mail the paymentpackage.It will be delivered by the Fedex courier Service within2-3days of the receipt of your details.Please note Fedex do notdeliver to  P.O.Box addresses.,The below is required:
   1.Name to be on the check   2.Home address   3.Mobile #
In otherwords i presume a sealed transaction so,Kindly delete theadvert on Craig's List as am totally committed to buying from you tosave me cost, My mover will be coming over for the pick up right onlyafter the payment as been delivered and I want you to understand that,I would have love to call but i am hearing impaired and i am alwaysvery preoccupied with work  site inspection all week long , so do me afavor by sending me emails and pictures if available.

Thanks for your warm understanding
Wow, thanks, but I wasn't born yesterday. Also, if you're trying to steal from me, maybe don't send such an obviously sketchy response.  I had heard that there was some serious scamming going around Craigslist, and it finally got to me. I think most of my readers are savvy enough to know that you should never enter into a deal like this, but I wanted to let you all know about it in case you end up with an offer like this. Don't even respond!


  1. I got the exact post a few weeks back! I was seriously annoyed.

  2. I get those ALL the TIME!!!! so annoying! It's always on my higher priced pieces.

  3. My friend got something almost exactly like this, but it was actually a well written email and they weren't asking for any money. It actually legitimately sounded like a local furniture dealer, but when they started communicating more it became obvious that it was a scam - asking for her to send money and asking for more personal information rather than just her name and address. So beware even the well written ones. Anything with this format is a scam.

  4. Haven't seen this one yet. I usually get the ones with one line questions about the items, a weird name in the 'from' line, and the exact same name with an for the return email address. It makes me almost want to stop selling on CL, because the spammers are spoiling it for most of us honest buyers and sellers.

  5. P.S. Please consider removing the word verification from your comment system. I just had to try three times to decypher the verification words ... would have given up if the third time had also failed. Blogger does a really good job of catching spam comments. They just end up in the spam folder. For safety's sake, I have comment moderation on any post over 7 days old ... since one classic spammer trick is to put bogus comments with links on old posts.

    1. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for this comment! For some reason I thought that I had turned off the word verification and since it doesn't verify my comments, I had no idea it was on. For months I've been frustrated by other people who have it on and reading posts from other bloggers requesting that people turn theirs off all the while thinking, "come on people, get with it!" And now I discover mine has been on all this time. How embarrassing! I turned it off as soon as I saw this comment. Thanks again!


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