Monday, May 21, 2012

Lucketts Recap

This past week has been the most exhausting week that I can remember. In addition to prepping for the Lucketts Spring Market, I spent two days in NYC for my sister's graduation from NYU. I was working on projects up until the last second and got so very little sleep. I don't ever remember working this hard on anything, even during the end of the semester in college.

The market was really cool. I learned SO much and met some neat vendors. I also talked to a few people who read my blog, which was really cool and almost a bit funny to think that there were actually people at the market who had already seen some of my stuff. I sold quite a few pieces but still have a few things left, including the pretty coral table I posted last week. Check out my "shop" page to see what I still have available! I've set up a shop on Etsy too. Items are currently available for pickup locally from Falls Church, and I am looking into reputable delivery services for people who are out of the area.

Big thanks to my roomies who let me turn our house into Sarah's furniture workshop for the past few months (the last two weeks were especially bad) and helped me move things around the house, my family who came out and visited me during the market, and my friend Bobby who helped me load my space Friday when a last minute thing came up for Kyle at work. Which brings me to the boy. A HUGE thanks to Kyle (the boy) who was about the most supportive person in the world throughout this entire effort. He went with me to pick up furniture, helped me move things around the house, and spent his entire weekend hanging out at the market with me. He helped me calm down when I frequently freaked out about the amount of work I had left last week. He moved stuff out of my car while I set up the space each day, got us snacks, charmed customers, and made friends with the vendors around our space. He never complained once, even when allergies were killing him by the end of both days. We really made a great team, and I feel so insanely lucky to be with someone who cares that much about my endeavors and helps me succeed even when I'm doubting myself. Sorry girls, he's a keeper!


  1. Your work was amazing in person! :) I loved the blue dresser. Megan

  2. i am so sad you didn't stop me!!! i was looking at your booth for a name, but i missed it i guess because i remember i loved all the fun colors you had! next time! :)


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