Monday, June 17, 2013

Sweet Clover Vintage Barn Sale this Weekend!

Remember a few weeks ago when I was talking about how much fun I had at Lucketts and how I wished I could be part of the community of vendors more often? Yeah, I made that happen.

This weekend I will debut my booth inside that Sweet Clover Vintage Barn sale in Frederick, Maryland! Sweet Clover used to be the Stylish Patina barn, but Kelly gave up the barn sale so that she could get some warehouse space in Falls Church where she'll be having monthly tag sales.

The barn is full of amazing other vendors who have picked some great stuff for this weekend's sale. Make sure to "like" the Sweet Clover Vintage page on Facebook to preview all the great stuff that will be in the barn this weekend.

My mom is helping with the barn sale, so some of the pieces in this space are her work. I drove up to the barn yesterday with her and brother, and we loaded a bunch of stuff into the shop. I am leaving in a little while to go up and put some finishing touches on the booth and load a few more things in it. Even though it's a hike for me to get there, I really enjoy driving through the rolling hills and enjoying all the farm land out there. The barn is located on a horse farm, and the horses come right up to the fence next to the barn. It's so peaceful out there and I really enjoyed spending the evening out there yesterday.

Make sure to "like" my page on Facebook -- I'll be posting pictures of all my goodies on there later today. Come out to the barn this weekend and make a day of it! There's a ton of other great shops/barns near by too that are listed on the Sweet Clover Facebook page. I'll be in the barn on Saturday so make sure you come find me if you decide to come out!

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  1. YAY!!! We are so excited to have you and love the fresh vibe in your space!


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