Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Decoration Inspiration from the Big Apple

Last weekend I went up to NYC to visit my little sis and some friends. I think I’m still recovering.

In the midst of late nights, holiday parties, and guilty pleasure food, I managed to snag a few pics of Christmas decoration inspiration from around Manhattan. I’m definitely regretting not taking more (Including one of a house on 18th between 1st and 2nd in the East Village/Lower East side that mixed pine cones and ornaments scattered throughout beds and flowerpots on their tiny porch. If you're out there, I want a picture of it!)
Red lights and white branches on the ceiling of Pete's Tavern, which has a stellar brunch deal by the way. $12.95 for a number of brunch options, coffee, and alcoholic brunch beverage. Cheers!
Love this wall of different sized ornaments on the storefront of JC Penny. It would be oh so easy to create with a mixture of ornaments, a hot glue gun, and cardboard/wood/styrofoam/any other flat surface you can think of.

I was [obviously] obsessed with the paper stars in the window of Macy's and would love to use these throughout my house for Christmas. Maybe next year!

And more stars from Macy's. Don't they look cool stacked on top of each other?

More Macy's stars in red.
THE tree. Not so much inspiration as it is festive. And check out my friend in all his tweed glory (he was dressed for his date to the Nutcracker later that evening).

OK, you caught me, the only Christmas decoration here is a far-reaching reference to the weiney whistle in the Santa Clause. But I just couldn't help myself.  (That's what she said).

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