Friday, December 3, 2010

From Regular to Rudolph in 5 Minutes

When I saw this reindeer at Michael's, I fought the urge to buy it. But after the third trip to Michael’s seeing this guy, I couldn’t hold back any longer. I picked up this dapper fellow and brought him home with me. It wasn’t too bad since he was only about $4.  

Before: Regular Reindeer

When I sat him on our coffee table, I couldn’t help but think he was looking, well, kind of lame. To solve this cheese-ball reindeer problem, I removed the bow and bell from the deer’s neck. Then, I cut a red ornament and wire from a cluster of small ornaments and stuck the wire into this guy’s nose.

Instant Rudolph!

After: Super fun Rudolph
I think this guy is looking more contemporary sans silver collar and bell. I love how he’s a playful addition to some of our other tinsel elements that I’ve included in our holiday décor.

If you see something at the store that you love but see one small thing that you’d like to change, don’t hesitate to buy the item and change it at home. It could easily become one of your favorite pieces!

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