Monday, December 13, 2010

Topping Off Your Tree for Under $15

Partly because I was on a budget and party because the selection of large tree-toppers was totally picked-over, I decided to make my own tree-topper using materials from Michael’s. I bought four of the same glittered branches for $1 each (they were 50% off) at Michael’s and wired them around the tallest branch on the tree. The branch had a light on it, allowing the light to reflect off the glitter on the branches.

Glittery branches from Michael's -- $1 each
Branches wired to "trunk" of the tree
At the base of the branches, I used to floral wire to attach clusters of silver glass ball ornaments. This gave the tree topper more interest and hid the white plastic base of the branches. Finally, I took smaller silver bead ornaments that I bought in Michael’s mini tree section, wired them into clusters of five, and places them among the larger silver ornaments.

Cluster of three ornaments wired together -- $3.99 for 12
Cluster of silver bead ornaments wired together -- $2.50 per pack

I lived with the tree topper in this state for a little less than a week, and it was bothering me a little bit. It didn’t have enough interest, looked too much like the rest of the branches in the tree, and looked a little too space-agey. So, I went to Michael’s and found a white branch with pearl-like beads on it and stuffed in into the cluster of other shiny goodness. The round shiny beads on the branch link the round shiny ornaments a the base of the tree topper, making it look more cohesive. I’m much happier with this very simple addition to my original creation.

The final product
Materials and cost of project:
  • 4 glittery branches – $4 ($1 each)
  • 1 branch with pearl beads – $1.50
  • 8 silver ornaments – $3.99 (on sale)
  • Silver beads – $2.50
Total: $11.99

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