Monday, May 20, 2013

Lucketts Spring Market 2013 Recap

I had a great weekend at Lucketts despite the questionable weather. Friday Bro Brennan and my mom helped me pack up a truck, load all my furniture into the space, and secure it so that it would stay dry in the overnight rain.

Saturday morning the boy and I got out to Lucketts early and set up the space. Even though it rained Saturday afternoon, I sold most of my big pieces on Saturday, which was a huge relief. Last year I ended up hauling home my three biggest pieces, so we were VERY happy knowing that two dressers and a large desk would NOT be coming home with us.

I sold this piece right before the market closed on Saturday. It was my first attempt using milk paint and I loved it! I did this old dresser in Miss Mustard Seed's Linen. 
Sunday morning we got there even earlier to load a few more things into my space. We even stopped at Home Depot on the way there to pick up some clear tarps in case the skies opened up on us again. My theory was that in a worst case scenario rain situation, I could still have my stuff out of the tent and visible under clear tarps instead of packed up in the tent where none of the shoppers could see it. We held our breath almost all day, but the weather actually got better as the day went on, and I never really had to use my tarps.

I did this little piecrust table in ASCP Aubusson Blue. It's still available and will soon be in my Etsy Shop.

Bro Brennan called this my "ace". I was happy to sell it to a really nice couple Sunday. Thanks to the boy for helping us figure out how to take it apart and fit it in a sedan!

I had a set of four of these guys out Saturday, and they sat with little interest all day. Fearing they wouldn't sell Sunday, we cut our losses and brought them home Saturday night. I may paint them and reupholster them, but we'll see. Let me know if you are interested in them! 
I made hanging planters/tea light holder/vases on Saturday night but sold not a one Sunday. A lot of people commented on how they thought they were a great idea, so I'll be writing a blog post about how I made them soon.
In the words of Bro Brennan, "This thing is going to end up in some poor hillbilly's living room." I this ox yoke it to a guy who collects them. Another person who was interested in it wanted to remove the bentwood pieces and run pendant lights through the holes, which I thought would be a really cool idea. Her husband wasn't buying it. 
This little table is still available. It's a custom blend of ASCP Provence and Pure White. This picture doesn't show how blue it is, but I believe it's in a few other pictures on this post.

I sold a pair of these chairs to a lovely woman on Sunday. I have another two that I haven't redone yet, so come back to see how I end up redoing those two!
This old antique Eastlake table is also still available. It has a custom gray blend on the first layer, covered by ASCP Pure White. It will be in my Etsy shop shortly!
The moisture made things difficult -- paint was scratching off of things easily and I ended up having to find a sample of chalk paint to fix a scratch or two. Good thing someone was selling paint at the Market!

I was a little disappointed to see this chair go because it was sooooo comfortable. I don't need another upholstery project (this red wasn't exactly working in our living room), but I could have seriously sat in that thing all day. 
Last year I had put so much prep work into my pieces that I was not willing to negotiate too much on my pieces. This year I made a conscious effort to collect pieces that didn't need a ton of work, so I was willing to let them go for less of a profit margin. I also knew that I would have a tough time offloading some of it post-market since I've been getting low-balled to the extreme lately on Craigslist. I know my prices were lower than a lot of the people around me by the end of the market, but most of them have physical shops to sell out of if their pieces don't sell so they could afford to demand higher prices.

I ended up coming home with three end tables, a trunk, and a bunch of small items that I mostly brought to make my booth look more finished. Those tables will probably be for sale on Etsy shortly, so let me know if you're interested in any of them.

The chairs and the mint table in the back were already sold when I took this picture. Everything you see here ended up coming home with me. Too bad I don't have a before picture so you can see how much was here to begin with.
Did you shop the Lucketts Spring Market? Were you a vendor? I'd love to hear how your experience was! With the Lucketts Market and all the barn sales open this weekend, the Leesburg-Frederick stretch of route 15 was a veritable furniture Mecca. It's a good thing I was a vendor because I would've spent my life's savings on furniture and knick-knacks if I had been a shopper.


  1. You had some great pieces, I'm so glad you sold most of it! I took WAY too much stuff this year.. Oh well lesson learned! The rain on Saturday was brutal, I felt very frenzied covering and uncovering furniture! I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to chat with you this year, I'm such a bad neighbor!

  2. WOW, so glad it was such a big success for you! i was there sunday and i was so tired... i didn't even see you there! gah! of course i also didn't see susan, or deborah... i think my brain was not all there. it was enough there though for me to take home a fun filing cabinet for my kitchen. ;) anyhow, congrats on an awesome fair! well deserved!
    ps - the news was spilled today on my fb page if you want to see if it's what you thought it was! :)


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