Thursday, November 1, 2012

Discount on Frye Boots

For the past two years, I've had issues with the sole of one of my Ciao Bella cognac riding boots. Someone accidentally stepped on the back of my heal and took off the rubber portion of the sole of the heal. I got it repaired, and it came off again. I got it repaired again, and it was fine for a while. And then it came off again when I was in Charlottesville. While these boots have served me well, they are looking pretty beat up at this point, and I don't feel like paying to get them fixed again. Rather than dropping another $100 - $150 on poorly crafted boots that I'll replace in a couple years again, I've been lusting over some high quality Frye leather riding boots.

I especially love the Melissa Button Boot. I have, shall we say, "muscular" calves and pull on boots can be challenging, so I'm pumped that they come in an extended calf size.

Via Piperlime
I also like the Paige boots, but I'm not sure they'd look stellar on me.

Via Piperlime
My problem with Frye boots is the price. I know that they are super high quality and will hold up forever, but it's still hard to reach into my pocket and fork over $350 for shoes. Naturally, I've been scouring websites for sales, coupons, etc. trying to get a good deal on some Fryes. My goal was to get them under $300. is a great resource for affordable shoes, and actually has some pretty cute options right now.

I love the color and the buckle detail on the Dorado Riding Boot, but they don't have them in my size.

$281.37 via
I also like the Jackie Button Boot, with a manageable heal and a style very similar to the Melissa Button Boot. I just don't really need gray boots right now.

$208.80 via
I checked, Nordstrom Rack's website and Tyson's stores, and LastCall, but couldn't find any deals. Piperlime had a few coupons recently, but they didn't apply to Frye...boooo :(

Today I did a little Googling and saw that Macy's was having a sale. They just happen to sell the Melissa Button Boots that I want, and the sale applies! 15% off of $300 is nothing small. After a little hesitation, I decided it was a good time to bite. Fingers crossed they look cute. It's still a lot of money to spend, but I have a few furniture projects in the works and I was careful not to spend much money on a Halloween costume and fall decor, so I can manage.

Check out Macy's stock of Frye Boots if you're interested in investing in some quality boots too!

Disclosure: I wasn't paid or perked by any of the companies listed in this post, I just love a good deal and like to let you guys know when I find one! 

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