Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gift Exchange 2012

I meant to write a gift-giving roundup shortly after Christmas, but never got around to it. Since I'm a little strapped for time these days, I decided I could still feature just my gift exchange with the boy. If you hate coupley posts, then skip your read today and please forgive me. If you are a girl/boy who has a lot of conversations with friends and colleagues along the lines of, "I have no idea what to get my girlfriend/boyfriend for Christmas/a birthday/Valentine's Day/Our anniversary", or you want to see some cool stuff that is now on sale, then you may want to keep reading.

The boy and I don't spend a whole ton of money on each other for Christmasabout $100 eachbut it's our style not to go over the top when it comes to spending. I know people who spend a ton more and people who limit their budgets for creative purposes, so I know our habit doesn't work for everyone. We always manage to find a few great things for each other, and I look forward to the exchange every year because it's fun to see what we've each come up with.

For the boy, I picked up a few items related to his new interest in cooking that sparked over the last year. He started by getting into slow cooking, so I got him an awesome T-Rex apron and a slow cooker cookbook (can't wait for him to cook me one of the amazing recipes in it). I also picked up a down vest he had been eyeing from Lands' End Canvas and a shirt that screamed "him". 

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The boy did a great job with my gifts. He got me some gorgeous Kate Spade earrings, which he learned a while ago is always a good move (and he may have had been tipped off by my good friend, Pinterest). He also got me Jonathan Adler's new book, which meant he inadvertently received the "gift" of me reading it out loud to him while he attempted to watch some post-gift giving TV. 

His most thoughtful gift was a Jonathan Adler Christmas ornament to commemorate my start of interior design school this year. He even had a great line - "It's a Christmas ornament by one of your favorite designers for my favorite designer." He's a cheeseball and a keeper. I'm going to find a spot to have that little ornament out all year. 
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So much of this stuff is still available and on sale now, so if you're not participating in No Shop January, check it out!

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