Friday, January 4, 2013

No Shop January 2013

Last year I decided to give my wallet a break and take on a challenge which I like to call "No Shop January". After paying my credit card bill from the holiday season, I think it's a great idea to participate in No Shop January again this year.

For me, January is one of the easiest months not to shop because I just got a bunch of new clothes and other stuff for Christmas, so I'm not wanting for much.

This year's rules are basically the same as last year. No spending on:
  • Clothing, shoes, and accessories 
  • Random makeup like lipstick or nail polish
  • Random stuff from Target that I have a tendency to pick up when I’m grocery shopping there, including plastic containers and holiday decorations
  • Sewing and crafting materials
  • Tools 
  • Wine or beer from the grocery store
  • Fast food/restaurants when I’m eating alone
  • Groupons/Living Social Deals
  • Rue La La/One Kings Lane/Joss and Main/All other flash sales
I'm also making some exceptions like I did last year:
  • Shopping with gift cards from Christmas is allowed.
  • I can of course purchase materials and books for classes (which start at the end of January)
  • The boy and I are allowed to spend money out to eat for date night, but we should try to be reasonable and also cook together at home once in a while. 
  • Groceries are allowed, but impulsive purchases of craving foods when I already have perfectly edible food in my house are not allowed. 
  • I am allowed to buy materials within reason for a project that I plan to at least start in January. The only thing I can think of that might apply to this right now is gold leafing, spray paint, and possibly wipe on poly.
  • I am allowed to buy a pretty calendar to aid in one of my new year's resolutions (more info to come on that).
  • I am allowed to buy reasonably priced baskets/plastic containers for some of the fabric and finish samples I've accumulated because one of my January projects to to get my design stuff organized. 
Strategies to see this through:
  • Delete flash sale and store emails immediately.
  • Plan meals better so that I don’t need to eat out.
  • Start and complete the project I’ve been planning to do instead of taking on new ones.
  • Write blog posts about the projects I’ve already completed instead of taking on new ones.
  • Go through my closet and plan more outfits so that I don't feel the need to shop.
  • Stop treating tights like they are disposable. 
I really need to get control of my spending, especially now that I am in grad school, so I may extend this little challenge into February too. We'll see how things go. My goal is to cut down my overall spending by creating better habits at the beginning of the year--something I didn't do a great job of last year. 

Just like last year, please join me in this effort! Share a link to your blog in my comments if you decide to do so. I'd also appreciate it if you grabbed a button from the sidebar to put in your post!

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