Thursday, February 28, 2013

Evolving Style: Lacquer vs. Patina

One of my favorite furniture looks is classic furniture painted in bright, high gloss colors. The pieces provide such graphic pops of color to a room and provide a modern, youthful perspective on classic styles.

Via Natty By Design

While I still love the lacquered look, I'm really starting to appreciate pieces that use a layer of glaze or a little distressing over deep color--or those that have a natural patina from years of wear. These pieces still look modern, but have layers of texture that add subtle depth to the space. They also provide gorgeous color in a space without drawing the same amount of focus that bright, shiny lacquered pieces do.

Via the Hunted Interior (Thanks Robin for the source link!)
Via Liz Marie Blog
Via Style at Home
Via Natty by Design
I've also realized that the combination of bright colors and a lacquered finish cause a piece to be very advancing, and very easily become the focal point of a room. Too much of that in one space can make the room feel overwhelming, and your eye won't know where to go. So even though I still love those bright, shiny pieces, I think most of the pieces I use in a room will have a little more depth to their finish. 


  1. Great points about too much bright and shiny surfaces confusing the eye ... I'm struggling right now trying to decide how / what color to repaint a buffet and it is in a room with other painted pieces, and I think you've identified a reason that keeps me holding off from making a decision.

    That green dresser pic you couldn't source: ... I know that photo well cause I love that dining room so much. If you haven't visited her blog before you are in for a treat.

    1. Thank you so much for the original source! I hate no being able to give people the credit the deserve, so I'm really glad I can link to her blog and check out the rest of her spaces.

      Have you thought about a textured gray? Or something dry brushed? I'd love to see what you decide to do!

  2. I love that teal bedside table! BTW did you paint that gold legged number?! Its adorable!

    1. Isn't that teal chest gorgeous? I'm a sucker for all things aqua. And yes, I did paint that coral table for a market I sold furniture at last year. I still love it -- part of me wishes that I'd had the space to keep it for myself!


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