Thursday, February 14, 2013

Words of Wisdom from Claire: Valentine's Day

Earlier this week, I mentioned my little brother to you guys. Today, the focus is on my sister. 

My sister Claire is 22 and she lives in Brooklyn. She is an aspiring actress (not a fake one, like with a real degree in it and stuff). 

Our love lives have followed different paths. I've always been the one in a relationship and she flies solo. I think this has mostly played in her favor: she gets to watch my train wrecks/ridiculous decisions while she lives it up on her own. Not that she's opposed to relationships. I mean obviously drinking is a lot more expensive when you're single. Also she lives in New York where there just happens to be a straight man shortage. DC has a great gay crowd, but I've never been on a date where the guy admits he "might be bi". Womp womp. 

Today I thought I'd share some words of wisdom from Claire. This idea came about when we were chatting this morning after she said something funny. 

Me: I should have a "Words of Wisdom from Claire" column on my blog. 
Claire: I do have a lot of wisdom. 

So without further ado, here are some words of wisdom from Claire on Valentine's day.

"It would've been cooler if that had been the reason we took that picture but really my friends were just making me pose with all the animals on the course."

On being single on Valentine's Day

"I don't understand people freaking out about being single on Valentine's Day. Did you go the other 364 days not realizing you were single?"
"And really, it just means that chocolate will be on sale tomorrow."
"I don't dislike Valentine's Day because I'm single, I dislike it because everyone on Facebook is annoying."
"I'm a little disappointed my okcupid account hasn't seen more activity today."
She also gave some words of wisdom via her Facebook status:
"If you're sad about being single on Valentine's day then cheer up! you're in luck! 14 Best Valentine's Day Craigslist Ads"

On Valentine's Day activities

"I should've bought some awesome chocolate. Like salted caramel whatever."
"I think I'll spend today trolling the craigslist personal ads. They're bound to be golden today."
(On second thought...) "Maybe not a great idea. A lot of those messages are not exactly safe for work."

Stay tuned for more wisdom from Claire in the future!

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