Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Song of the Day: A Little Bit 'O Hanson

Today, I'm kicking off my Christmas Song of the Day series. I realize that it's neither the day after Thanksgiving nor December 1st, but it's a Monday and it feels right and this is my blog so I can do whatever I want and rules about when to play Christmas music are silly. 

Today's post comes from an old favorite. Sure, maybe Hanson initially caused us to wonder if they were all boys and talked about their record player like their affinity for the turntable made them legit rockers. But let's face it, you loved them and you would probably still start to move if you heard MMMBop right now. For those of you who weren't true fans, you'll be happy to know that my sister was, and thus received their Christmas Album, "Snowed In" for Christmas when she was 9ish. And now I listen to it religiously throughout the Holiday season. Here's a gem of a tune from said album. Enjoy this pleasant late 90s throwback friends:

What Christmas Means to Me, by Hanson

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