Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Packin' My Snowboots and Headin' North

Tomorrow I'm abandoning my roomies and scootin' up to central New York to see my Dad's family for Thanksgiving. As if it wasn't difficult enough to get through my last day at work before the Holiday, I just found out that snow is in the forecast up there!

OK, it's snow and rain, and I know we had snowmageddon and everything here last year, but there's nothing like seeing the snow-covered ground to make you get in the Holiday mood.

Via NOAA.gov. Which is less glamorous but I find more reliable than Weather.com.
Via Weather.com. Note that it says that the golf forecast is "Very Poor" for the whole time we're there. This prediction is obviously for the faint of heart, as my dad and uncle will almost positively play at least 9 holes every day we're up there.
Where will I be headed, you ask? Why, to none other than beautiful Sherrill, New York of course! Located a stone's throw from the New York State Thruway, Sherrill is home to Oneida Silversmiths, the beautiful Oneida Community Mansion House, and the Turning Stone Casino and Resort (alright, that one's in Verona technically, but my dad grew up on a lot located directly across the street from where it's located).

Oneida Silverware via easykitchenproblog.com

Oneida Community Mansion House via New York Times Travel Section

Turning Stone Resort and Casino via bloombus.com
Sherrill is also the hometown of the Craigslist Killer (who attended high school with my cousin) and Flava Flav's long lost love (technically from nearby Utica).

This classy lady's photo via Wikipedia
When I get back we'll shift into full Christmas mode. I'll have plenty more ideas for exquisite holiday decorating on the cheap, Christmas music, and more. Who knows, maybe I'll even manage to write another post this evening in between loads of laundry that I haven't done yet. Happy Thanksgiving!

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